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Age. 34
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Location Essex, United Kingdom
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Tuesday. 7.3.07 8:21 am
I remembered that ages ago I downloaded WindowBlinds for my PC just before I got a new one. Wondering "why is my theme now boring?" I downloaded it again and updated to the new 5.5 Enhanced version. Using one of the default schemes, "Aura" I have a fancy new looking desktop again!

Besides that, I've almost completed Diablo II. Old game, I know, but it's a "golden oldie". It beats the time while waiting for FEAR: Extraction Point as well as the guys over at Steam and Valve to finish off The Black Box.

Also, I've now finished college. I came out with three merits, which is around C to B in A Level terms. Not sure about American terms, but I guess it's similar. Now all I've got to do is finish my Grade 7 theory before I start University, otherwise I'll be "finding it difficult" to get along, since the terminology and, obviously, the theory involved will be of a higher level then that which I've studied in the past.


And I've been working with eBay or Amazon or something. Maybe Musicians Friend has some, but that'll be coming from America, and it'd take too long...

The amp I'm getting is the Spider III 15 from Line 6. Primarily a practice amp, thus the low wattage, this little guy will help with my sound, since my Marshall MG50DFX is downstairs, and my studio is upstairs, I don't really want to lug it up and down stairs all the time, since there's no storage for it up here.

Oh yeah, I've also got my eye on a few pedals, too. A Digitech Whammy pedal is one I'd quite fancy getting, as well as a harmonizer/pitch shifter.

- - -

Over the weekend I went ot my girlfriend's parent's 25th wedding anniversary. It was a great night out. I had to get over to her place by midday in order to start getting ready. Once we were all ready and raring to go, we had to wait for the minibus to pick us up. There was a total of about 10 of us at her house, and everyone else was going to meet us at the marquee.

We started off the night properly at about 6pm, cheering the anniversary of her parents. The guys had shots of sambuka, while the ladies had rose wine. Or at least I think it was rose. Either way it was red. I can't really remember.

After those were taken, some of us had another round while the others were watching to road outside to see when the bus comes. Once it had arrived, we were off!

Once there, it was, as you can expect, like any other party! Lots of talking, drinking and eating (once the clocks hit 9pm, that is) And after that, my girlfriend held a speech for her parents, and we continued with the night, after her folks felt like super-stars as about 20 people crowded around them, taking pictures of their family (consisting of her parents, herself and her brother). That lasted about 10 minutes!

Ultimately the party finished and we headed back home, to finish off the drinks we left behind (i.e., vodka, sambuka and the wine). I started feeling the shots I was taking at about 12:40am, and things got really fun to do! I ran up the stairs a couple of times for no real reason, and we slowly dribbled off to bed at around 1:00am or something.

All in all, a good party, although described briefly on here. Pictures might not be uploaded here, but they might be on MySpace.

I've almost finished my Diablo II expansion.. I'm lazy enough to continue.
» Nuttz on 2007-07-04 04:39:50

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