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Adam Cain
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Location: Essex, United Kingdom

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Interests & Affiliations:
Sports (badminton, tennis, running and/or cycling around aimlessly), keeping fit (kinda tied with sports), working out, music, writing short stories when bored, drawing cartoons (see my deviantART account), playing the electric guitar (not too fond of the acoustic at the moment), browsin' the 'net, and hitting computers with things. Also, I rule at DDR (i.e. "the dance machine"). I'll post some vid's of me on here at some point in the future if people request enough, otherwise I'll be tootin' my own horn!

Favorite Bands and Artists:
At the moment my all-time favourite bands are Trivium and Coheed And Cambria. This will undoubtedly change in the coming future, but for now this is what shall be. Anything heavy/soft upbeat rock, metal, some acoustic stuff but I'm picky as to what I like.

About me:
I study Music at college and aim to become a private guitar teacher who also composes stuff during my spare time! Oooh yeah. Recently I've begun composing some songs for some kind of album thing I plan to release in the future via some online sites I'm looking at, which will help protect fraud and other such nasties. Blogging is one way I spend my spare time. In relation to one of my hobbies (writing) I am (without blowing my own horn) pretty good at that coo-ray-zee fo' shizzle. I was thinking about publishing a story I wrote, but it was exceedingly small for what I had planned, and I had begun re-writing it a few years later to bulk it out a bit, as well as answer some "hanging questions" within the storylines of the characters, as well as figuring out why I missed tons of plot and general holes were filled. Long story short, I'm still working on re-writing my book! Last month it went from 80 pages in total to about 102, and that what just working on chapter two! Cor, I get a bit carried away when I'm writing! I wonder if I can get someone's eyes to bleed by writing too much...? Ponderations, I shall consider this another time! This is all. I must stop writing before I do myself serious harm somehow. =P

What's big and round and as bee's on it?
A giant ball of bee's! Aha! Aha! Aha! Lame. >.<

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